How Burglars Choose Their Target

June 28th, 2019

There are many factors to consider when it comes to your home security solutions. One of those being what burglars are going to look at when targeting a home in Columbia, SC. We are here to go over a few things burglars will look for when casing a neighborhood and choosing their target homes. With this information, you can help prevent a burglary from happening at your home while keeping your community safe. 

Types of Locks You Choose

Deadbolts are one of the biggest things a burglar will look for when choosing which house to target. Deadbolt locks can deter a burglary because it makes it harder to disengage this kind of lock when compared to others. Some doors without deadbolts can be opened with a credit card − it is that easy.

Keeping the Lights On

Many people think that leaving their lights on when they go out of town or are away from home will serve as a deterrent for burglars. However, this is not always true. Some experts, even some burglars themselves, have said that when the lights stay on in the home even during the middle of the night, they can tell they were left on as a possible deterrent. This can actually make the home a much bigger target for a break-in.

Watching Your Daily Routines

Burglars also take their time when choosing their next target, and often, this means they will watch the home and neighborhood for a while to track people's patterns. If your home has a more predictable pattern that is easier to track, then you are a much bigger potential target because they can pinpoint when you will and won't be home.

They will wait and watch for when you leave for work and get home from work. If you run errands, they will pay close attention to this. They are even watching what time your kids may be arriving home from school. They will take their time and keep an account of each of these details to lessen any risk of them being caught in the house. 

Nice Cars Parked Outside and Well-Maintained Lawn

Homes with more expensive cars parked outside may also be targets because those are the homes that look like they will be worth breaking into. This is especially true for homes that may be situated in more isolated areas because it is easier for them to gain entry without being seen. 

While many of these things are unavoidable, you still want to do what you can to keep your family and your home safe. With a high-quality video surveillance system for your home, you are adding that extra layer of protection that is needed to deter a break-in and prevent your home from becoming a burglar's next target.

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