Protect Your Business With The Best Security Camera

March 1st, 2019

If you’re looking to buy a security camera system for your home or business, you’re looking for a system that can give you protection to the highest degree. Today’s security cameras are advanced when compared to models of the past. The types, features, and cost can vary, so choosing the best one for your business depends on your requirements and preference. It can be difficult to choose the type of security camera you need on your own, but with a bit of information on hand before you shop, it can become much easier. 

Inconspicuous Solutions 

Dome security cameras are commonly used in the reception areas, warehouses, parking lots, and offices spaces of a business. Their unobtrusive design helps prevent criminals from discovering their location. If a criminal does discover the location and tries to vandalize the camera, dome security cameras are sturdily built to be protected against attempted destruction and physical impacts. Plus, they’re easy to install. 

Bullet cameras are known as lipstick cameras due to their slim, tubular design. They can be found in banks and other financial institutions in Columbia. They can be installed both indoors and outdoors and are much less noticeable than other camera types. Key features include IP66 or higher, weather-rated enclosures, and adjustability from access points.  

Added security comes from the use of hidden cameras. Hidden cameras can be placed in different areas, such as a thermostat, clock, smoke detector, or flood light. They are undetectable and can be used to monitor an area without others knowing. Use them to detect crime and unacceptable behavior in the office. 

Powerful Security Cameras  

Infrared cameras, also known as IR cameras, can capture video in low light or no light conditions. They are available with a variety of ranges so you can get clearer images from a distance. Advanced infrared technology includes full frame illumination and low light performance with automatic adjustment for sharper images. 

The advanced features of varifocal cameras include greater flexibility, an auto-iris lens, and easy installation. All you need to do it adjust the focal length to get a better view. They work well for capturing outdoor scenes, and they easily adapt to the changing lighting conditions in Columbia. 

You’ll find PTZ cameras in open spaces, such as airports, casinos, parking lots, and school campuses. These cameras have the ability to tilt quickly in different directions within seconds. PTZ Cameras come with some advanced features that include:

  • Powerful motorized zoom lenses
  • High-resolution video capture
  • Powerful zoom capabilities
  • High-speed monitors. 

Get Protected Today 

When buying a security camera in Columbia for any purpose, you need to focus on the field of view, zooming ability, easy installation, resolution, and the distance to achieve the best result. Having a professional security company install your system is essential to have the best protection. We can help you find the best security camera to meet your needs. Contact us today to get started on protecting your business ASAP.